Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

We wanted a fun way to support an amazing organization that helps very sick kids get the medical care they need, so we enlisted some world-class balloon artists to unleash their creativity to make this calendar.

How will this help Cure 4 The Kids?

ALL of the profits from calendar sales will go directly to the organization.

When will the calendar ship?

Calendars will ship from the first week of December until all supplies sell out.

Can I pick it up in person?

Sure. We will have them at Float and Twist & Shout. Or you can swing by Todd’s studio in Brooklyn or one of Tawney’s parties in Las Vegas (I assume that’s what they do in Vegas, but I really can’t remember).

What is your Privacy Policy?

We are always discrete.

I mean will you be adding me to a mailing list, or selling your sales data?

Absolutely not. If we are crazy enough to do this in the future we will send you a short email letting you know, but otherwise you won’t hear from us.

Is this SFW (Safe For Work)?

That depends on where you work.

How did you guys twist these complicated outfits?

All of the artists are full-time, professional balloon artists who travel the globe to entertain at all sorts of events. This is just what they do. We put together a few behind-the-scenes fun facts if you want a glimpse into how they did it. And yes, you should totally hire one of them for your next bash.

These pictures look amazing! How can I get pictures that look this good?

We were lucky enough to convince photographer/genius Richard Faverty to work with us. You should definitely schedule some time with him and up your promo material.

How can I support this great project?

Buy one or many calendars, or do a little shopping at the Balloon Academy.

Support Balloon Art and a Great Cause

Calendars are only $18. Order one now!

Order now!