Balloonalicious! Balloon Art for a Good Cause

Behind the Scenes

The artists used a number of different (and difficult) balloon manipulation techniques to give the bikinis various styles. Here are some of the highlights:

  • For January’s New Year’s Eve look, Jason inflated a red balloon inside of a clear to give the illusion of a wine glass. He then pushed a tie-dyed balloon inside of itself to turn her headdress into a bouncy fascinator. It took seven takes to get Jason to look at the camera instead of at Becca.


  • February’s bikini top uses a special damask-printed round balloon that Donna distorted by twisting balloons inside of it to shape it into a puffy heart.


  • Rob used floral wire to shape round green balloons into festive shamrocks, and precision bubbles to incorporate a rainbow into a bikini bottom, resulting in a fun and adorable March bikini.


  • Tawney used huge balloons to cover her huge boobies for our April photo. They are non-inflated 3-foot balloons shaped to look like fabric. The detailed flowers on her raincoat are also round balloons shaped and molded to look like flowers. (Spoiler alert: the cats and dogs were photoshopped in.)


  • Krystal’s May flowers are actually balloons that were carefully rolled, sculpted, and smushed into a beautiful floral bikini top. Unlike most balloon sculptures, these flowers will never deflate because they are not filled with air.


  • Our June bride, Julie, has crazy eyes. Yes, she’s coming for you.


  • Our patriotic Miss July hails from Australia. This is the first time Donna has been legally allowed to hold a gun.


  • The boat and ducky in our August pool party are actual balloon floaties! David used seven different sizes of balloons connected in unusual ways, including the elusive frumple-twist, to create this playful pirate sword fight.


  • September’s expressive bikini was made with classic balloon techniques and the traditional ‘260Q’ twisty balloons. Sorry to disappoint you, but those are eyelashes are not real.


  • Our October Halloween bikini top was originally a very complicated jack-o’-lantern spiderweb. Once Andrea learned that her model is Las Vegas’s famous SnakeBabe she jokingly make this balloonalicious snake-top which Maria refused to take off.


  • November’s “Tur-kini” is the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever seen. Chris is a mad genius with a fowl sense of humor.


  • Santa and his reindeer were drinking, flying, and crash-landed in our pool! Many balloons were harmed (and scarred) in the making of this December holiday celebration. I think it’s time to replace the filter . . . .